Configure Your Own M38e Mobile Computing Workstation

Use this guided and interactive configuration tool to walk through the process of selecting the right product to best meet your exact clinical and health IT requirements.

Select Use Case and Application

Select Power Option

Select the power option and power cord that best meets your Mobile Computing Workstation requirement.

Select Power Cord - North America

Select Power Cord Kit - International

Select Cart Height Adjustment Option

You have selected a non powered cart. Therefore, you may only select a manual lift.
Please click the previous step and select a powered cart if you desire an electric lift.

Select Display Type / Computing Interface

Select Display Option

Select Display Mount

Please select your dual screen monitor

Please select your monitor weight options

Select Keyboard Tray

Click on a selection to learn more, or the image icon to view the keyboard option. Keyboard and mouse not included.

Select Caster Set

Casters are available in 4” or 5” Directional or Non-Directional.

Click on a selection to learn more, or the image icon to view the caster option.

Storage and Security

The M38e offers configurable storage and organization with an array of drawer and bin options to address specific workflow needs.

Storage options are available in electronic locking to keep medications and supplies secure, or non-locking for general supplies storage.

Please choose bin type

Select Accessories

The M38e mobile computing workstation is designed to accept a wide variety of Accessories to customize your workflow and organization.

Select an Accessory image or name to learn more about that option.

Add an accessory to your configuration by selecting the box next to the item.

Once completed selecting Accessories, click NEXT.

Warranty and Service Options

The M38e comes with a standard 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty. Upgrade with your choice of optional enhanced Warranty and Service options.


Representative Image

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  • Power: 
  • Power Cord: 
  • Lift: 
  • Display: 
  • Display Type: 
  • Display Mount (Single): 
  • Display Mount (Dual): 
  • Monitor Weight: 
  • Keyboard: 
  • Casters: 
  • Storage: 
  • Storage: 
  • Storage Bin 1: 
  • Storage Bin 2: 
  • Storage Bin 3: 
  • Storage Bin 4: 
  • Accessories: 
  • Warranty: 
  • Warranty (Battery):