Avalo Medical Carts

Use this interactive tool to configure an Avalo Medical Cart to meet your clinical workflow requirements. Select one of the easy-to-order Convenient Packages below or choose
Build Your Own to custom configure a cart.

Avalo Medical Cart Convenient Packages

Select a package that meets your care application

Emergency Cart (Red)

Emergency Cart (Blue)

Pediatric Emergency Cart

Anesthesia Cart (Green)

Anesthesia Cart (Blue)

Isolation Cart

Procedure Cart

Cart Height

Choose a height that meets your capacity and workflow requirements.

Dimensions: 43”H x 31” W x 24”D / 110 x 79 x 61 cm

Dimensions: 39.5”H x 31” W x 24”D / 100 x 79 x 61 cm

Dimensions: 36”H x 31” W x 24”D / 91 x 79 x 61 cm

Choose Cart Type or Procedural Need

Lock System Options

Select a lock system that meets your security requirements. Click an option for more details.

Color Palette

Select a cart color

Accessory Packages

Choose one of the following convenient accessory packages to support your facility's workflow, storage and organizational requirements.

Select Accessories

The Avalo Medical Cart is designed to accept a wide variety of accessories to support storage, organization and workflow needs. Click on an accessory image or name for more details. Once you have chosen your accessories, click VIEW RESULTS.

Select Your Storage Drawers

All tiers must be filled in the proper order beginning with smaller drawers positioned above deeper drawers before you can advance.

Step 1: If 3” Drawers are desired, position them first starting at the top. Start at Tier 1 and add the number of 3” drawers desired, from 0-10 depending on cart height chosen. Dividers are not included with 3” drawers. Click the red pencil next to drawer to choose the internal divider system or tray preference.

Step #2: If 6” Drawers are desired, position them next. If no 3” drawers are selected begin placing 6 drawers at the top, from 0-5 depending on cart height chosen. One set of dividers is included in 6” drawers, see description next to drawer for more details.

Step #3: If 10” Drawers are desired, position them last, from 0-3. One set of dividers is included in 10” drawers, see description next to drawer for more details.

To change your configuration, you may remove selections from the bottom up by clicking the red X, or by selecting Start Over/Reset.

Cart Options

Select additional cart options




Pull Out Work Surface

Optional pull-out work surface expands work area, can be positioned on either side of cart. Dimensions: 12.5” W x 16.5” L x 1/2” H

Would you like to add a pull-out work surface?




Bridge & Bins

Storage Bin Type

Optional Storage Shelf

Select Your Power and Optional Accessories

  • Select Power Cord For Your Region
  • "Annual Software Equipment Support & Licensing" - Do You Want:
  • Will this NexysADC be interfaced to your pharmacy management system (PMS)?
  • Do you plan to use a full exchange – 1-to-1 CAMs and/or medication bins?

    Pharmacy completes 1-to-1 exchange of fully stocked CAMs and/or medication bins. All access, inventory, and event data are maintained for each CAM and medication bin even during the transfer process.

  • Is this the 1st time NexsysADC is implemented for this pharmacy location?