Select Your Storage Tiers

All 10 tiers must be filled in the proper order before you can advance. Please consider these guidelines and rules:

1. Plan to store your most frequently used medications or supplies in your top tiers for convenient access (i.e, devote Tiers 1, 2 and 3 for fast-movers).

2. Click the description to learn about each storage type.

3. Your top position, Tier 1, should not have a 2-tier or 3-tier medication bin or a 6" or 10" supply drawer. Instead for Tier 1, choose one or more of the following: 3" CAM(s), or 6" or 10" CAM Drawer(s), or 3" Supply Drawer(s).

4. Group by similar storage type (e.g., group all 3" CAMs together; group all 2-tier medication bins together).

5. Smaller sizes go above larger sizes of the same storage type (e.g., 6" CAM Drawer must go above 10" CAM Drawer; 3" supply drawer must go above 6" or 10" supply drawer)

6. For 3" CAMs only: Once a 3" CAM is selected, click the red pencil to specify the internal CAM cell configuration (12 configurations available, holding 11 to 25 SKUs).

7. To change your configuration, you may remove selections from the bottom up by clicking the red X, or by selecting Start Over/Reset.

Do You Need More Storage? Optional Auxiliary Cabinet

For locations needing storage capacity beyond their primary NexsysADC cabinet, Capsa offers the Auxiliary Cabinet - regardless if your primary NexsysADC is a main cabinet or 4T tabletop cabinet. The Auxiliary Cabinet does not include a computer but its storage is configurable just like your primary unit. It accommodates 400+ SKUs with any combination of CAMs, medication bins, and supply drawers. You can connect 1 or more Auxiliary Cabinets to your primary NexsysADC unit.

  • Would you like to configure an Auxiliary Cabinet?

Select Your Power and Optional Accessories

  • Select Power Cord For Your Region
  • "Annual Software Equipment Support & Licensing" - Do You Want: