Select Your Storage Tiers - Auxiliary Cabinet

All 10 tiers must be filled in the proper order before you can advance.

Step #1 – CAMs: Must be positioned at the top of the cabinet. Start at Tier 1 and add the number of CAMs desired, from 1-10. Once added, click the red pencil next to each CAM to specify the internal CAM cell configuration. If you do not require CAMs, you must include a 3" supply drawer.

Step #2 – 2-Tier (6-bin) or 3-Tier (9-bin) Medication Bins: Must be positioned between CAMs and Supply Drawers. If you do not require Cassette Modules, skip this step.

Step #3 – Supply Drawers: Must be positioned below CAMs and Medication Bins. Smaller Supply Drawers must be above deeper drawers; Select 3” first, then 6”, then 10”.

To change your configuration, you may remove selections from the bottom up by clicking the red X, or by selecting Start Over/Reset.

Do You Need More Storage? Optional Auxiliary Cabinet

For locations needing storage capacity beyond their primary NexsysADC cabinet, Capsa offers the Auxiliary Cabinet - regardless if your primary NexsysADC is a main cabinet or 4T tabletop cabinet. The Auxiliary Cabinet does not include a computer but its storage is configurable just like your primary unit. It accommodates 400+ SKUs with any combination of CAMs, medication bins, and supply drawers. You can connect 1 or more Auxiliary Cabinets to your primary NexsysADC unit.

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Select Your Power and Optional Accessories

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