Select Your NexsysADC Size

Main Cabinet

Floor-mounted, full capacity, up to 400 SKUs

Cabinet size 43″(h) 24″(d) 25″(w), Work surface height 43″, Adjustable 22″ touchscreen monitor, Top of monitor height 67″ maximum, Weight 350 lbs (empty), 1 to 10 CAMs

4T Countertop Cabinet

Countertop-mounted, smaller capacity, up to 150 SKUs

Cabinet size 23.5”(w) 20.4”(d) 17.7”(h), Adjustable 14″ touchscreen monitor, Total unit height 26″, Weight 100 lbs (empty), 1 to 4 CAMs

Select Your Storage Tiers

All 10 tiers must be filled in the proper order before you can advance.

Step #1 – CAMs: Must be positioned at the top of the cabinet. Start at Tier 1 and add the number of CAMs desired, from 1-10. Once added, click the red pencil next to each CAM to specify the internal CAM cell configuration. If you do not require CAMs, you must include a 3" supply drawer.

2-Tier (6-bin) or 3-Tier (9-bin) Medication Bins: Must be positioned between CAMs and Supply Drawers. If you do not require Cassette Modules, skip this step.

Step #3 – Supply Drawers: Must be positioned below CAMs and Medication Bins. Smaller Supply Drawers must be above deeper drawers; Select 3” first, then 6”, then 10”.

To change your configuration, you may remove selections from the bottom up by clicking the red X, or by selecting Start Over/Reset.

Select Your Optional Accessories

  • Is additional pharmacy or facility onsite training needed?
  • Will this NexysADC be interfaced to your pharmacy management system (PMS)?
  • Do you plan to use a full exchange – 1-to-1 CAMs and/or medication bins?

    Pharmacy completes 1-to-1 exchange of fully stocked CAMs and/or medication bins. All access, inventory, and event data are maintained for each CAM and medication bin even during the transfer process.

  • Is this the 1st time NexsysADC is implemented for this pharmacy location?